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Industrial Protective Clothing

Our product orders for export, Western Europe, the United States, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and other countries and regions, through ISO-9001 ISO13485 system certification, China CANS, CMA, European Ce and FDA certification.
Industrial protective clothing xk3000-c
1. Restricted use of protective clothing; 2. Made of 55g PE+PP curved film fabric with red hot melt adhesive strip process: 3. Three layer film covered single door flap with high sealing metal single zipper, which is good for handling slight chemical liquid penetration and penetration; 4. Thumb buckle design prevents sleeve slippage and the entry of particles; 5. Three piece Pasong purple zipper design, perfectly enveloping the beautiful facial contour and head shape; 6. The design of the hip triangle provides more space and reduces the pressure during use; The reinforcement design of the 7 foot, ankle, and wrist is suitable for most body types, making it more convenient to use; 8. The double layer reinforcement at the knees and elbows enhances the wear resistance under high-frequency working conditions; 9. It is appropriate to design portable testing equipment for easy observation.
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Industrial protective clothing xk3000-b
1. Restricted use protective clothing: 2. Made of 87g PP+PE coated fabric, with Gongse hot finishing strip technology; 3. High sealing double zipper with double flaps, excellent response to chemical liquid penetration and vehicle distance; 4 thumb buckle design prevents sleeve slippage and entry of particles; 5. Three Musong deep zippers with no juice, perfectly enveloping the facial contour and head shape of the fruit; The design of the 6 hip triangle provides more space and reduces pressure during use;?, The palm band design at the knees, feet, and hand spins is suitable for most body types and is more convenient to use: 8. The double layer reinforcement at the knees and elbows improves the wear resistance under high-frequency working conditions here: 9. The theft detection device can be carried and is convenient for tea viewing;
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11 years in the protective equipment industry

specialized in medical and health, bio-pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical experiments, agricultural breeding, hazardous Substances and other non-woven protective products production and processing sales enterprises.

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